What I Love To Do

There are those among us that can see beyond their own limits of thought and belief. We call these people leaders, visionaries, paradigm shifters and revolutionaries. They are rare, often called genius, almost always well known and are exceptional.
The rest of us need to borrow the perspective of another to broaden our horizons and make leaps forward.I offer a salute to the borrowers and lenders of perspective for they give us all hope that we can accomplish the extraordinary just by being willing to ask, to listen and to do.

What I love to do is to lend perspective to others. I am a dreamer, a visionary, someone who can hear the ideas behind the words and help create a picture of what amazing could look like.

At the age of 21 I first had the idea that I wanted to be “A neat old guy” that could help others, especially young people, believe in that they are worthy and capable of chasing after their dream.
As I write this I am almost 57 and I am still trying to live my dream. There are plenty of testimonials and success stories of how I have helped people gain perspective and clarity about where they want to go and what they are dreaming of.

What I love to do is listen and help people hear what they are trying to say. And to say to them the words they want to hear, especially when they don’t even know what they are. When I am doing that, I feel like a neat old guy, and people call me a Wise Old Guy.

The Right Questions

We all like being right.  If it is not a basic human trait it is certainly drilled into us at an early age. “Yes, that is the right answer.  Well done. You are such a good child.”  It does not take many of these to make us realize that it is good to have the right answers. Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Good positive reinforcement of our efforts to grow, learn and improve.  As we go on about our lives we begin to hear more often the phrase, “Good Question.”  This too is important reinforcement, and one that could use even more encouragement.

It turns out that as we get older, while the pressures and challenges of life seem to require better and better answers, the key to real growth and success is asking the right questions.  So the question is, how do we know the right questions?  Good question, I am glad you asked.

The right question often is to question the question. For example:
In the situation where something has gone wrong what is the right question?
Common Question: Who is at fault?
Question that question: Why do I need to blame someone?
Better Question: What needs to be fixed and is everyone OK?

When we are trying to change a behavior we might ask;
Why do I keep doing this even though I want to stop? >
Common Question: Why do I do this?
Question that question: Why am I focused on the problem
Better Question: What is the outcome I want and why is that important to me?

Common Question: What is the right question?
Question that question: How can I change my thinking to ask better questions?
Better Question: What perspective do I need to have to ask great questions?

I hope that helps.